The controls are easy to reach and use. This allows the user to get used to which setting works best for them in common situations. The work light bottom is way more useful than I thought when I started using the first version of this driver. However they arrived at. I have always had trouble getting a screw started with a driver that starts at full speed.

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It will be a frequently used tool that will please today and for many years to come. It is kind of tight in my ‘jammies though You can scan overview from consumers to find out additional from their past experiences. Controlling rpm is easy as is maintaining a slow speed for starting a screw. Reviews 6 6 reviews for Bosch PS Litheon Two years ago, i went looking for this tool I’ve owned it for over 6 years now.

Cheap price Milwaukee Volt Hackzall Saw. Start off slow then once it gets pw20-2 pull the trigger to get to full speed. It has plenty of power to handle virtually any screw I poc,et and the charge lasts way longer than my memory.

This thing is not a drill but a driver. It fits into small spaces yet packs plenty of power to handle nearly all of your driving needs. Got a second one for around the house and I think I have had to charge it maybe three times in two years.


Go ahead and credit your inexplicably improved dexterity but know that it is the Bosch engineer who slipped the pocekt part into the chuck that is poocket responsible.

Bosch PSA Pocket Driver: Bosch PSA-RT Pocket Driver with 2 Batteries

Best Price Ridgid 18 Volt. I install plasma tvs, in wall and in ceiling speakers, I work with a lot of old work boxes and wall plates, I also build heavy duty equipment racks that use a ton of machine screws. Great Size and Comfortable to use When I got this cordless drill for my birthday last year I thanked my wife without realizing just how handy this nondescript little drill would be in my life.

The variable speed trigger is very easy to use and control. Buy Bosch PS Litheon Click image to enlarge. The first generation Bosch PS20 Pocket Driver didn’t seem to lack power so this increase should povket out even perceived deficiencies for even the most power-hungry of users.

This is a great small tool, cordless, compact and battery operated and takes light abuse, but do not attempt to drill a thousand holes into concrete in one afternoon. Materials may not be used in any way without the written permission of the owner.

The Bosch PSA Pocket Driver is a very handy, well-made and cleverly designed tool that virtually any woodworker will enjoy having in the shop. Bosch makes a habit of supplying these canvas carry bags with many of their tools when they apply and it is a refreshing change from the blow-molded cases so many of us throw away. Best Buy Dremel B 1. I use it as a screw driver and sometimes I use it boxch a drill for small jobs.


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This online sellers supply the best and low price cost which integrated super conserve bosdh in U. Bosch revisited their venerable PS20 Pocket Driver and made a few upgrades that make this already handy tool even more useful in the shop.

Long charge, high torque, well balanced, lightweight, and takes abuse.

Shopping Craftsman Nex Tec 12 Volt. Cheap Craftsman C3 A simple slider button above the trigger controls the forward and reverse directions.

Reviews Craftsman Diehard C3 All in all, we pocjet actually suggest Bosch PS Litheon I use this for installing finish telephone work. After seeing 88 reviews here about this drill, how could I possibly add to the great reviews?