We hope that now you can easily integrate this amazing fingerprint scanner by yourself. U is a rugged fingerprint reader. Digital persona can be used with M2SYS biometric solution in two ways, cloud-based solution or client hosted solution. Fingerprint authentication technology is becoming more popular every day. It features blue LED lighting and has a small form factor. Secure and efficient access to enterprise networks and systems.

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U Fingerprint Reader is a High Durability, elegant, powerful fingerprint identity machine. It provides reliable, accurate, and virtually foolproof fingerprint recognition. Fingerprint vs Vascular biometrics — What are the differences? September 16, Mehedi Hassan 1. M2SYS simplifies the development and deployment of biometric projects Please leave this field empty.

A fingerprint reader for your use case.

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U reader is perfect for power users and shared environments. Not impacted by certification mandates?

Fingerprjnt a large capture area, rapid capture speed and excellent digitalpersonz quality in a compact reader, the U. A selection of optical, silicon and thin-film transistor single finger biometric readers to meet a broad range of applications and use cases.


Easy to integrate and even easier to use. You will not be spammed. I would purchase from Bayometric again without hesitation. U is no longer in production by the manufacturer, although you may find similar or relevant fingerprint scanners below description.

U USB fingerprint scanner is an ideal reader for most biometric security systems. Questions about our single fingerprint readers? U fingerprint reader utilizes optical fingerprint scanning technology for superior image quality and product digitalpereona. The fingerprint data is secured via encryption.

With the advancement of powerful biometric technologies, we are entering into a world where you need nothing but your physical traits for the verification process. Please contact us if you face any further problems regarding this issue.

Mehedi Hassan 0 Comments biometric hardwaredigital personafingerprint. Whether you are an enterprise customer, a system integrator or a home user, U. U boasts of superior ESD resistance and is rotation invariant. Weight grams Interface USB 2. Silicon single fingerprint readers offer a lower profile, smaller footprint and lighter weight form factor fingerpriht traditional optical readers. Great Warranty All our products come with one year warranty. U is a rugged fingerprint reader.


Digital Persona U USB Fingerprint Reader

With an executive-class look and feel, the U. Best Price Guarantee Our prices are unbeatable. Ideal for mobile use in direct sunlight. There are quite a few traditional authentication systems which are largely dependent on human management with a complex and inconvenient verification system.

Digital Persona U.are.U 4500

Its design is sleek and compact to conserve valuable desk space but it stays right where you put it because of its nice heft and special undercoating. Crossmatch optical fingerprint readers offer large capture areas, excellent image quality and rapid capture speed all in a compact, durable 5400. A client hosted solution is a system where the client will host the M2SYS matching sever on their own server machine. Fingerprin efficient, convenient and high-quality U.