This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. A cheap run of the mill regular desktop PC with an inexpensive parallel port is something that you can connect to a plasmacam system to and it not only works, but it works better than a ton of other machines that are out there that are even more expensive. Windows systems that are years out of date and unobtainable new, as well as a parallel port that most PC’s no longer come with. Virtually all USB-parallel interfaces a are a complete disaster and will not work Because you are virtually bottlenecking the communication at the USB interface and they also tend to lack the required voltages that are required communicate effectively with the plasmacam. I like the MIKROE; pretty compact, easy to add to a board and stable with connections along 2 sides, vs just 6 pins along one edge. They have no absolutely no idea.

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M27CB File Offset problem. Initialization Failed on GQ-4X4. Generic Willem 16 bit adapter differences.

Tags for this Thread companydateplasmacamrequirementsyears. TI b58 plcc I have consistently found that most that complain about the use of the parallel port on the plascamcam, actually think that something voro a USB used to charge a cell phone is would some how be an upgrade to a machine like the plasmacam.


Configuring Windows 7 IEEE Controller Driver for USB to Parallel Port Adaptor Cable

Laptops are for working portable and are great for travel and field work. So we can roll it back Raisin Post time My current computer is a laptop with USB ports only. Did not get response from programmer.

Posted via Mobile Device. As you said, it works for you and some others but not for everyone. The current standard is 3.

A CNC controller card needs signals on 128 of the pins, as I recall – and the VAST majority of those adapters only support data output on enough pins to run a printer 6 pins of data. You cant install a driver that isn’t signed by Microsoft.

Sure, you can add a board to your pc, and perhaps that may still be an option 10 years from now, but the operating system will no longer be supported and their current literature says it is only supported to Windows 7.

USB to Parallel 1284 Converter

I am also using Code Composer Studio V2. Yet another 27C problem. Please add support for Micron 25Q, Macbook Air. GQ-4X with Windows 8. GQ-4X writes but does not verify.


How did you foroo that afterwards? Most of the usb to parallel adapters I have looked at were designed for printers and thus lack any ability for port management.

USB to Parallel Converter – TRENDnet TU-P

GQ-4X, can’t write data. Disable verify during write? GQ-4×4 am29blcb verify fails. Points Rules Reply post To last page.

To fix it I got the drivers in normal format with the. Windows 10 USB driver 3. Thank you in advance. While I understand that this is likely to be a hobby machine, most industrial plasma systems don’t live beyond 15 years MAX without some major form of upgrade.

Cfeon Q32bHIP not in the list. The time now is AM27C hangs on reading.