There is no real manual focus– AF and motorized manual focus MF only. Choose the appropriate setting on this camera, and it makes all the necessary adjustments for you. To the right of those is a directional pad for navigating menus and browsing photos and movies as well as Kodak’s Share button. The zoom works with the video on the Z With the lens fully extended, you just get five, though: See all user reviews. The camera’s comfortably rounded if not particularly ‘deep’ grip also sports a nicely tactile rubber coating to prevent slippage in the heat of the action.

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Perfect for most hobby photog’s For Low light without flash it kofak be difficult but again once you’ve experimented and learned what settings to use it does an adequate job. Writing times are a bit sluggish though; top resolution JPEGS taking all of five seconds to be committed to memory whilst Raw files prompt the switching on of a kettle. The camera comes with koddak the scene modes anyone could ever ask for, along with full manual controls, just like a digital SLR.

It has an incredible lens range and produces very good pictures. Its four pre-charged NiMH rechargeable AAs come in the box with the camera, along with a compatible mains charger. Discuss in the Kodak Talk forum. Photographers kodwk use the Z to take a photo with the lens extended all the way because of the easy-to-hold rubberized grip near the zoom lens.


There’s no separate HDMI connection for hooking the camera directly up to your flat panel TV here; unusual, when Kodak has provided such a facility on cheaper models. You’ll either need to buy a second set of batteries or buy a faster charger.


Kodak EasyShare Z981 14.0MP Digital Camera – Black

The zoom works with the video on the Z Choose the appropriate setting on this camera, and it makes all the necessary adjustments for you. Those who would like to automate the experience find this digital camera easy to operate. Also, I am not sure I would ever use a wider zoom range than the Z has.

Photographers who want a lot of zoom reach for little money. And its unique vertical shutter release and detachable grip give you the flexibility to go from kodao to vertical shots with ease. Don’t show this again. It is definitely not a pocket camera, but it easily fits in a small camera bag, and only weighs about 12 ounces. Kodak EasyShare Z superzoom features a 14MP sensor, 26x optical zoom lens strating at a wide 26mm and a 3.

KODAK EASYSHARE Z Digital Camera – 14MP, 26x Zoom, 26mm Wide Angle Lens, HD Pictures & Video

The best ‘range’ of focus for kodsk Z up to and within the X26 a981 the zoom. Brand index Kodak Kodak Compact Cameras. Getting from maximum wideangle to extreme telephoto takes a very speedy two seconds. So what of said images; does the Z cut the mustard as a reliable all in one that can cope with a variety of situations, or, in trying to be all things to all men, are there areas in which it inevitably perhaps falls below par for picture quality?


Tag what you want and then connect the camera by USB to a computer, and the built-in software handles the rest.

Kodak EasyShare Z981

The seller is away. Photographers taking micro-shots find two different modes.

What camera or lens should I buy? Partly due to the four AAs it utilises for power instead of physically slimmer lithium ion pack, this almost makes the Z bigger than some entry level DSLRs.

Kodak EasyShare Z Review | Photography Blog

A digital SLR will cost at least twice that much, even without a lens. The first thing I discovered is that is nearly impossible to use the long zoom without a camera support.

Not so good for: Raw capture is also offered alongside JPEG; often the case on bridge models perhaps, but not always guaranteed.

This is really the biggest highlight of the camera as it allows you to quickly tag photos and movies for posting to Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube in addition to directly sending jodak to e-mail addresses or compatible Kodak digital photo frames.

Kodak EasyShare Z review: Users also have the option to record video using this Kodak EasyShare camera with its built-in stereo microphone. The AF got kodaj by a dark red car as well as a distant landscape at full zoom, but usually did well.