This wireless bundle is an excellent choice for users who would like the freedom afforded by wireless interface to their computers. The keyboard features a black and silver color scheme, programmable F-keys and multimedia function buttons. It is also worth adding that these keys work in whatever media application happens to be running as opposed to being tied to one specific player. The Remote view large image The remote is surprisingly tasteful compared to some of the rival products out there, and would not look out of place in a lounge setting. This means you cannot see the light shining from the bottom of the mouse.

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Logitech Cordless Desktop S Mouse Keyboard and Wireless Receiver | eBay

The similarity of the pogitech to a notebook with the versatility of a desktop keyboard keybaord it very easy to switch between the two especially useful if you are a gamer. It is an optical sensor not laser which seems more accurate than my previous wired Belkin optical. The mouse works well for games I should report though if you are a heavy gamer you will undoubtedly want a more ergonomic and accurate mouse. The obvious solution to these problems is to use external peripherals, and with wireless solutions falling in price I figured now was a good time to try them.

The Summary This set is ideal for anyone looking for a good quality external keyboard and mouse. For those of you who wanted to know about the multimedia mouse that comes with the other version of this product. Logitech has given this product an extremely slick look.


Review: Logitech S Keyboard and Mouse Combo | Geek Montage

This set is ideal for anyone looking for a good quality external keyboard and mouse. Logitedh Longer Available Update Location close. In total this means you have 12 shortcuts, which is potentially very useful for some people who use macros etc.

The mouse follows the same attractive, sleek design as the keyboard.

The mouse has two main buttons left and right which have a pleasing click but not overly loud. See the review of the next generation, Logitech S here.

Wireless Freedom The wireless receiver operates using RF technology, eliminating the need for a line of sight connection to between devices that is associated with IR communication. There is a slight delay when moving the cursor after a period of none activity but this was unintrusive.

Left side profile of the keyboard view large image.

Logitech S510 Cordless Desktop Keyboard – Model Y-rak73

A more frequent s501 will get around three months of battery out of the mouse and 4 months out of the keyboard. Between them is a tilt wheel.

The S came in at The great thing about these buttons is the way you can create the shortcut logiteh them — simply hold it down whilst the action you want to shortcut to is occurring. Someone who uses it less may get six months out of the set.


Demonstrating kwyboard slimness of the S keyboard view large image. Keyboard resting flat view large image. Again I was impressed with the attention to detail showed by Logitech.


The optical mouse is also black and silver and features 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. I found that you do not have to be in logitecn of the receiver to have it work, which is a nice bonus considering it is infrared. This is because the keyboard will enter sleep mode on its own. The hot keys are phenomenal, the mouse and keyboard are very responsive.

This product has ,ogitech much higher build quality than its successor, the S and there have been little complaints. This product has been working extremely well with great responsiveness.

If a playlist is running in Winamp, hold the key to shortcut to that playlist from now on. In the centre of the unit we have a scroll wheel enabling you to rapidly navigate lists eg music library and launch using the enter key below. There is a corded table-top USB receiver that connects to your computer.

I used Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit edition, so for those of you worried, this is Windows 7 compatible. There was a lot of clear plastic coating the shiny plastic parts of the keyboard which took about 5 minutes of concerted effort to remove.

From top to bottom these are: