I uninstall PhoneCopy but the contacts were still showing that the numbers are saved in phonecopy,I want to remove that? Hi, what do you mean “auto sync worked incorreclty”? I finish creating an account and downloading the app. Hi, is your request realted to PhoneCopy. Because it transfers all items it takes a longer time.

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Hello, we are glad that everything works for you now.

However I am able to see more than contacts in the phone. Google Play Store is saying that it is not compatible with the app. They have disappeared and even sms in my mylhone box have gone. Even you will exceed it you can use it 7 days as trial.

Backup contacts, photos, videos and sms messages from myPhone A818 Duo

However, it has refused citing that my password and username are not the matching. Hi i have this problem below. As we wrote you via email you exceeded number of SMS in your profile which was a reason why your account was blocked. Can you explain what problem you need to solve? Thank you so much. We found only active contacts list.


Type Count Limit Devices 3 2 ” How to remove one device? They say that when my phone was sent in for a swoftware update that they haven’tmade a back up of my. I just want that please tell me what is the problem in my mobile and give me the solution for it?

Advanced Search for Mobile Phones. PhoneCopy backs up only sms saved in standard way.

Synchronize myPhone A Duo – PhoneCopy – Your Personal Cloud

Hi phone copy shows 0 contacts when I have over in my phone. ANY help would be appreciated. Pls guide with the next steps. Hi, it seems myphine be phone problem. I uninstall PhoneCopy but the contacts were still showing that the numbers are saved in phonecopy,I want to remove that?

How do I make it find my contacts? Hi in your profile there are not any deleted contacts.

Please contact our support team and we will solve the problem. In the phonecopy settings page i have 2 accounts – phone 0 and Gmail I deleted 2 devices, still getting the same failure message, “The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago.

MyPhone A818 Duo Specs, Price Available at Trade-in Madness Promo for only P3999!

How can we get in contact? Hi, it is not export it is synchronization. Last synchronization was made two days ago which included both contacts and SMS. Repair Android We can repair annoying Android problems and fix your device.


MyPhone A Slim Duo Price in the Philippines and Specs |

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If you made contact backup you can trasfer it to another phone. Hi, currently we work on automatic synchronization, then we will launch support of multiple contact databases in single sync and next we will launch SMS backup.

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