You can enter the desired text message in the Watermark Message box. To print an overlay with a document: Select this option to allow the printer to use less toner on each page. Page 4 Using a Page Overlay Solving Problems Solving Problems This chapter provides helpful information for what to do if you encounter an error while using your printer.

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Using Print Materials This chapter will help you understand types of paper you can use with this printer and how to properly load paper in the tray for the best print quality. Select the print printeg.

Reinsert the toner cartridge into the printer. You can complete the poster by reconstructing the results.

Installing the Toner Cartridge Grasp the front cover and pull it toward you to open. Use only paper that meets the specifications required by mll printer.

You will need to buy a IEEE compliant cable. Select the components you want to remove and click Next. The Linux Printer Configuration window opens.


Setting Graphic Properties Use the following Graphic options to adjust the print quality for your specific printing needs. Close the rear output tray after the printing is completed. Check the Shared box.


When the test page prints out correctly, click Yes. Load with the design face up, top edge towards the printer. Setting Up Your Printer This chapter provides step by step information on setting up your printer. Click other tabs on the top of mml Samsung ML series Properties window to access other features, if needed.

Pringer are several predefined watermarks that come with the printer, and they can be modified or you can add new ones to the list. Select the appropriate setting according to the status of your document. These settings include the number of copies and print range. For more details, see page 2.

Be careful not to move the printer. This process will produce a page with toner debris, which should be discarded.

Driver Samsung ML-1710P Laser 3.01

You have to load one sheet at a time into the prinetr printer. Doing so may give you an electric shock. Click the Job tab to inspect and manage the job queue for the selected printer.

Using The Configuration Tool Using the Configuration Tool The configuration tool allows the administrative tasks, including adding and removing new printer, and changing their global settings. Printre Check the Share this printer box. StartUp Group, then restart Windows.


Samsung ML-1710 Driver

This manual is provided for information purposes only. Page 24 Locate the cartridge slots inside the printer, one on each side. Click the Connection tab at the top of the Add a Printer window. The conservative plan permits this printer to fit cozily into littler spaces, while USB availability will have it up and running in not more than minutes.

Page For details on the watermark options, samsjng page 4. ML and I decline to overhaul since I have no grumblings that would be helped by grabbing a more up to date laser printer. Remove any missfeed paper by pulling it out by the visible edge from samsunf tray.

This chapter provides step by step information on setting up your printer.