It feels more like a 63g shaft. Golf Pride Tour Wrap very good condition. Other than that, a very clean looking club with very non-distracting graphics. All single pieces drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, single irons, wedges, putters. Because, if the d comp is a lot more forgiving, I would want it, but if the d comp is not much more forgiving, than i would want the d3.

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An integral Titanium blind bore hosel — gone is the bore-through design found on the and drivers. And that the D3 isn’t. Nine Holes of Hype or Not Hype.

I get that all the series drivers are. Does that affect to loft of the club, ie reduce the loft by. Volume One Hundred Eighty Two. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Posted 19 November – Are you still playing the d3?

Titleist D2/D3 Driver Review (Clubs, Hot Topics, Review) – The Sand Trap

Could definitely notice the ball spinning less as many of these initial drives were borderline knuckleballs. Also, my photography skills couldn’t pass 5th grade.

The D3 suits me a bit more. That contrasts with the D3, the smallest of the s at cc. Thank you for all the time you put in these reviews, best to luck to you and your golf game! The Titleist D2 at address.


Our Point Inspection Process includes: My previous driver titlest the Callaway ft Excellent Condition Titleist D3 9. What does the torque of a shaft mean?

REVIEW: new Titleist 909D3

Grip is a little slick but playable. Hit the at a demo day or something and see how you like it.

The D3 is an all-around better driver for me than D2, and would be even if the only factor by which it had improved was a decrease in spin. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

MOI isallowing for a little more workability than the D Comp, and the face is shallower than the D Comp or D3, providing launch confidence and a preferred setup appearance for some. I play off of 2 and just like the small conventional head of the D3 and the way it can shape the ball.

The low launch, spin and roll out are unbelievable. I picked up a D3 because the lower spin advertisement attracted me. So erik, with the d2 having moi and the d3 having moi, was there a big difference in forgiveness between these two models when you would not hit in the sweet spot? Many will recognize that this model is an extension of the cult hit D4 model that was never released to the public.


Are these user changable? But again, the loss of distance without any gain of accuracy does not tickle my fancy. Erik, Are you still playing the d3? Posted 14 November – Thanks for the well written review — it provided a solid foundation as I narrowed down down potential driver candidates.

Please log in to reply. But I do not know what fits me the best, my furthest drives are the ones that come off lower like the d3, but the extra forgiveness with the d comp attracts me. This certainly makes sense