I felt that a good review containing links to the vendor would be pushing the bounds of forum rules acceptability. AFAIK , the main card is identical for both. The game port worked fine with my legacy joystick! The drivers of the v are much better. Of course, this raises an interesting question: Appearance Here is the package: All sounded just fine.

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Zoltrix Nightingale – Pro 6 – Pro Lite Driver Download

Installing the drivers was a cinch, and the card pretty much worked flawlessly out zolfrix the box. Usually the VxD drivers use the resources of the hardware and of the operating system completely. It seems to be a bug of the driver or it may be the chip to blame.

Oro a file can’t be played because of, for example, a sampling frequency exceeding 48 kHz, then it will be marked with a criss-cross in a play list.

I’ve been using a Leadtek 4xsound for the last year or so. PCM audio from WinAmp over the spdif, 5. That way, I can spell check offline using MS Word and save my posts for future reference. Of course dts DVD works fine. When I switch the driver to 48KHz an interesting thing happens though. This is how I actually made the decoder card coax out RCA to coax in two pins cable. I configured everything right and tried several drivers but WinAmp WaveOut keeps giving me an error message at 24 bits: The cards are connected with a flat 9-conductor cable.


All connectors, except the Game Port, are metallic, gold-plated.

Zoltrix Nightingale PRO 6 Sound Card

Ironically, when I set it to 48KHz, my receiver still claimed But the output mode of a digital signal at So the audio quality might not be the same as the M-Audio no 96KHz support! Regarding losing a post due to a browser crash your reference to Netscape elsewhereI use xcel’s tip of writing in a word processing document and copying to the browser.

Direct Download Success Stats: All opinions expressed here are purely mine based upon my recent experience as a customer. You’ll get the good and the bad. AC3 output works fine, with no visible synch problems.

All sounded just fine. I was using MusicMatch mp3 player. I just plugged it in – didn’t touch the dipswitches. CD-in, Aux-in, digital connector for the interface plate.

Such chips contain only the least required set of functions for sound processing. Zoltric the installation you may choose a driver version: HSP-solution some performance drop in games ; low signal level, weak overload capacity of output stages; not the best zoltix of the analog outputs especially in a HF range – this card should come with a computer 5.


When it is finished scanning it will automatically update them to the latest, most compatible version. Easy Driver Pro does not sell or charge for drivers. In the very front row of the Odium the Librarian stared up at the now empty screen.

As you say, I can’t see why I’d want to upsample anyway! Gateway J – Windows 7 32 bit Outdated or Corrupted drivers: Beware though – this is a minidisc optical cable. Their driver support is odd 3dsoundsurge has the zolltrix strange saga. Peculiarities of the WDM drivers: You are already calling the card ‘crummy’ based upon assumptions drawn from old products manufactured by a different chipset maker.